Established by likeminded fitness enthusiasts in 2008, H&A Sports is an outdoor company that seeks to bring together amateur and professional athletes of all ages to compete in different disciplines, protect the environment and promote healthy lifestyles. Situated in Nairobi’s Karen area, H&A Sports headed by Aida Rajab and Edwin Otieno organizes triathlons and cycling challenges locally with the flagship brands being Watamu Triathlon and Ngong Cycle Challenge.

Sports with a cause is what we are all about as all our proceeds from these events go towards supporting the Watamu Primary School sports program, professional sports mentorship and fencing of the Ngong Forest in Nairobi to enhance year round public access and safety.

Our Mission

Develop and promote a health, fitness and sporting culture in Kenya through triathlons and cycling challenges while positively impacting the community.

Our Vision

To become the leading Sports Management Company in East Africa through execution of impactful sports initiatives.

Our Objectives

  1. Develop and execute unique yearly triathlons, marathons and cycling challenges across the country.
  2. Support the Watamu Primary School sports program yearly through professional sports equipment supply.
  3. Partnering with Ngong Forest Sanctuary to raise Kshs. 60 Million in fencing of the Ngong Forest in Nairobi.
  4. Develop the sport of triathlon and increase its uptake amongst Kenyans by 30% by 2017.

Our values

  1. Teamwork
  2. Integrity
  3. Professionalism
  4. Innovation

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H & A Watamu Triathlon April 14th 2018


Watamu Triathlon- is the first Pan-African triathlon event of the year that brings together over 200 local and international amateur and professional athletes of all ages for the two day event. Held at Turtle Bay Beach Hotel in April, the aim of the triathlon is to grow the sport of triathlon, develop the local community economic diversity and enhance domestic tourism. Triathlon is a multiple-stage athletic sport consisting of three different events, typically swimming, cycling, and running that are completed one after the other.

Its a  two-day event and is designed as an ultimate challenge and will surely be a special and memorable experience for you and your entire family.



The different events on offer include:-

Kids Aquathon
5 -7 years 100m 25m 100m  
8 – 10 years 200m 50m 200m  
11 – 13 years 250m 100m 250m  
14 – 15 years 500m 150m 500m  
Adult Triathlon
Olympic Triathlon 1.5KM 40KM 10KM  
Sprint Individual 750m 20km 5km  
Sprint Relay Team (3 pax per Team) 750m 20km 5km  

Triathlon Race Information



  1. Start Mechanism: GrandPrix start
  2. Expected tide height: 3.5m
  3. Deepest point: approx. 15 feet
  4. Water temperature: to be announced on race day
  5. Expected temperature: 20-24 degrees
  6. Triathlon wetsuits are allowed. Swimming shoes (not fins) allowed for intermediate swimmers who may wish to make stops on the course to protect from sea floor animals.
  7. Safety measures, including patrolling Yamaha boats and kayaks will be in place during the swim leg to ensure the safety of all competitors. If you require assistance, please raise your hand arm to alert water safety personnel who will come to your aid. If a mass evacuation is needed, you will be required to use the boats.
  8. All competitors are advised wear brightly colored swim caps-this will not be provided for by the race organizers as yet.


    Sprint Distance – One lap (20km). Olympic distance- Two laps (40km)The course is mostly flat with gentle hills. There is strong headwind one way.The bike segment will be marked orange cones, barriersThere will be partial road closure with race marshals and police support.Cyclists will turn left out of the hotel, turn one will be temple point hotel, turn two will be sailors guest house.
    A water point will be setup after every 5KMWe recommend road bikes, cross bikes or MTB on high-pressure wheels (No carbon fibre or hybrid bikes).The course is draft legal and Tribars are allowed.All participants gear MUST wear a helmet whenever cycling.Participants are to mount/dismount at the designated area.


  1. The run segment will be a loop as follows:-
  2. Sprint Distance – One lap (5km).
  3. Olympic distance- Two laps (10km).
  4. The run will have orange beacons that mark it out.
  5. The course is 90% tarmac and 10% sand.
  6. The 5KM run, athletes will turn left from the hotel, run up to Granchio Villas make a turn and back to turtle bay hotel.
  7. The 10KM run, athletes will left from the hotel, run up to temple point make a turn and back to turtle bay hotel.
  8. We encourage participants to wear sunscreen and a hat.
  9. When disposing of water bottles,  please throw them in designated bins on the course.
  10. Water points will be setup after every 2KM will


  • The transition area will be situated at the Hotel Tennis Court.
  • The area has one entry and one exit so great care must be taken by each participant.
  • The area will be fully branded with flags, flying and other branded banners.
  • All participants gear MUST be setup the day before the race.
  • The organizer will provide bike mounts for all participants.
  • The first rows will be reserved for Olympic distance and the last rows for sprint distance.
  • All participants MUST keep to their left at entry and right at exit.
  • No undressing will be allowed within the area.
  • Participants are not allowed to mount/dismount within the area.
  • All athletes MUST put their gear in their racks,

Travel and Accommodation

  1. Turtle Bay Beach Hotel is the host venue for the H&A Watamu Triathlon. H&A recommend this hotel to all participants taking part in the event. Whether you are travelling alone, with family, or with a group of friends for this event, Turtle Bay Beach Club guarantees unmatched, top – calibre hospitality –
  2. Turtle Bay Beach Hotel has offered the following discounted Full Board accommodation rates:-
  • Kshs 6,500 per person/per night, all inclusive and in a club room.
  • Teenager rate ksh 3,800 for 10-15 years when sharing a room with at least one adult.
  • Two children free of charge 0-9 years when sharing a room with 2 adults.

To book your accommodation for the event, please email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other alternate accommodation close to the race venue are as follows:-

  • Villa Veronika Tourist Guest House
  • Dorado Cottages
  • Ocean Sports Resort
  • Medina Palms
  • Tembo Village Resort
  • Hemmingway’s Resort
  • Lonno Lodge Hotel
  • Villas Watamu Resort
  • Jacaranda Beach Resort
  • Sun Palm Beach Hotel
  • Temple Point Resort

Do you need, your bike transported from Nairobi to Watamu and back? Kindly contact us for details via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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To help achieve our key objectives of nurturing the sports and impacting our community positively, we welcome partnerships with like minded individuals, corporations and public institutions. We have four different partner packages as follows:-

  1. Platinum – Kshs. 1,000,000/=
  2. Gold – Kshs.500,000/-
  3. Silver – Kshs.250,000/-
  4. Bronze – 100,000/-

All partner cheques are written to H&A Sport Ltd, or can be bank or wired to Bank of Africa, Sameer Business Park Branch, Account Number 0560037000.

Partner benefits

To provide a mutual beneficial partnership, H&A has created fashioned different packages that will include some of the following benefits:-

  • Logo placement on select team merchandise such as t-shirts, support banners during events
  • Advertisement, logo placement and organizations write up on social media and website platforms available
  • Free setup of marketing booth at pasta party and cocktail.
  • Photo opportunity for traditional and social media platforms and other publicity the team may generate such as relevant articles, mentions and photo opportunities locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Receive custom made appreciation plaque.
  • Accommodation for two nights for company representatives during out of Nairobi events

Get In Touch With Us For a detailed sponsorship benefits package

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Ngong Cycle Challenge – held twice a year, the race seeks to bring together cycling enthusiasts for across the country to compete for top honors through the grueling Ngong Forest situated in Nairobi.

Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary located six kilometers from the city centre of Nairobi is a gently rolling topography characterized by indigenous trees or and open grassy areas. Unfortunately, the forest has faced encroachment and human degradation from the newly constructed Southern Bypass and therefore the race seeks to raise Kshs. 60 Million to fence the forest and create cycling, running and walking trails within the forest.

It is from this background that forest managers Ngong Road Forest Association, Ngong Forest Sanctuary Trust and Kenya Forest Service have come together with H&A Sports to save the forest through a three year initiative. The initiative seeks to raise funds that will go towards fencing all the five sections of Ngong Forest covering a total of 42KM. The funds will also see the creation of safe recreational facilities such security outposts, picnic sites, running and cycling trails within the forest. The investment in these facilities will not only conserve the forest for future generations but create sustainable sources of revenue for the surrounding communities leading to economic empowerment.

The Mountain Bike challenge will be open to all cyclists will be open to the public and will be broken down as follows Family Fun – 5km, Individual Adventure – 15km, Corporate Adventure – 15km and Pro Challenge 30km.

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Past Watamu Triathlon Event Photos April 14th 2018


past Watamu Triathlon Event Photos 2016-2017